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Climbing Photo Contest

It is decided!

The climbing photo contest has come to an end, and here are the results.

A huge thanks to all of you who participated in any way. You sent incredible 1448 photographs, 1742 of you voted, and we recorded 5099 valid votes. It was a pleasure for us to see all of your best climbing moments, although it was really tough to choose the top 20. But then - it was thrilling to watch who was going to make it to the top 10!

Congratulations to the first ten who are going to be contacted via email regarding the prizes. Below, you can see the final results. And please, don't be sad if you participated, but didn't win the photo book. You can still buy it here and very soon via new e-shop on my websites too!

And we have a surprise for you! ALL participants, whether they sent a photo or voted, will get a unique voucher code via email to enjoy a 20% discount for my photo book. Enjoy!

Climbing Photo Contest Rules / Privacy Policy

1st place, 596 votes

Prize: Adam Ondra Book

My first time in Gimmelwald, Switzerland. I chose to check out one of the easier routes of the crag, Surfers Paradise, 8a+. In my case, this is total limit and not a surprise that I couldn’t do more than a few moves in a row.

But damn, was this fun! The weather was really bad, but the huge overhang kept the crag dry. Marco Müller catched one of the moments where I wasn‘t pulling on quickdraws. Climbing isn’t only about sending, but only about seeing and feeling where the limits are.

Submitted by: Benjamin Weber

2nd place, 546 votes

Prize: Adam Ondra Book

Hello Adam,
My name is Stefan lottersberger from austria tyrol. I'm passionate in climbing for long time and as i'm already over fourty still psyched in everything about rock :) The Photo i sent you has a very strong Statement for me. Maybe you have heard that the famous boulder moonwalk boulder was destroyed in Zillertal by a fire Made directly below, but now there is a NEW line. Made by a local climber who i know, there is a new Start on the right traversing in the Original line - actually called firewalk. So even if you try to destroy the nature (on purpose or not) it will Strike again and surprises you with solutions, new opportunities and possibilities you even can think about :)

Wish you all the best - cu lotti

Submitted by: Stefan Lottersberger

3rd place, 539 votes

Prize: Adam Ondra Book

Nice crag, nice light, nice route and some good firends, what else for a perfect climbing moment ?

Submitted by: Simon Destombes

4th place, 388 votes

Prize: Black Diamond Zone Harness + Mazagrande Limited Edition

After months of being stuck at home because of online school, quarantine, and large wildfires in California, I finally got the chance to go out and climb with a couple friends. There was still some smoke from a nearby fire, but it luckily wasn't so bad that we couldn't climb. This day was a great reminder that for me climbing is an escape. It is, as Dave Graham called it, "moving meditation."

Submitted by: James O'Connell

5th place, 315 votes

Prize: Black Diamond Zone Harness + Mazagrande Limited Edition

The Karwendel mountain range is a special place. Just ask anyone from Innsbruck or who has traveled through. The Repswand is only one of many impressive walls stuck in a quite corner of its valleys. Moving slowly that day, the summer evening was upon us and the sun peaked around the corner to illuminate the north face for a short moment. The atmosphere was sensational. The route: Good Old Friends, one of many put up by Reinhold Scherer and Dieter Stöhr. The name is a play on the 'friends' that you need to protect the stellar limestone cracks of the route, but certainly also on friendships we all know climbing makes possible. The strength of the friendships forged through climbing are not to be understated and these special relationships have brought so much delight into my life. With the best of company on the other end of the rope and in a spectacularly beautiful position, this day was no exception.

Submitted by: Johnny DeMaine

6th place, 294 votes

Prize: Sens Cricket Protein Blend and Bars package + Mazagrande Limited Edition

On this picture you can see me climbing on an old bunker from World War II located directly in the heart of Berlin. The picture and how it was taken has a very funny story. I was climbing in early summer in a small project on that climbing wall (6c+, with pocket pulling, small dyno and mantle moves). I didn't notice how someone must have taken pictures of me. Two weeks later a saw a photo on facebook showing me climbing in exactly that route. Firstly I couldn't believe that this depictures me, but finally I recognized my climbing shoes and chalk bag. The photo was posted with the urgent request that whoever recognizes himself in the picture, should get in touch. The photographer won a prize with my picture in a local photo competition and needed my permission to make the photo public. Since that I am pretty well known in the local climbing scene, since the photographer hung up pictures in all the climbing spots and gyms searching me.

Additionally the photo is a nice souvenir for that old climbing wall which was already established in the 90s. There is no real rock in Berlin, but that bunker has really nice vertical climbing on very small pockets, up to 8a+. So it's a little bit like our home gym, as we live pretty close by and it has some nice little projects.

Submitted by: Jonas Jäger

7th place, 279 votes

Prize: Black Diamond Black Gold Chalk + Climbon Lotion Bar + Mazagrande Limited Edition

It was a really cloudy and cold day when Tom called me and asked if I want to go bouldering with him. He didn't need to ask twice, I grabbed my camera and we went to Silenen (canton Uri / Switzerland) It was a new project of him, a slightly overhanging boulder that never has been climbed before. It turned out that this problem was harder than it seemed like. After a few attempts and frozen fingers, we decided to leave it as a project for now and come back another time...

I will never forget how cold it was!

Submitted by: Peter Lienert

8th place, 265 votes

Prize: Black Diamond Black Gold Chalk + Climbon Lotion Bar + Mazagrande Limited Edition

This image was taken in the city of Sydney after a working day with two of my best mates. You can see the smile of my mate after his office day, climbing is so liberating! (specially these days)

Climbing and urbanism is rarelly combined that's why I think this image has a different touch. We were looking to capture the landscape of the city and this esthetic bat move on such a great hangover.

Fun fact: We had to sneak in the crag since, by then, it was closed for ""safety"" reasons. That just made the whole thing more fun.

Submitted by: Bernat Escorihuela

9th place, 247 votes

Prize: Black Diamond Gorilla Chalk Bag + Climbon Lotion Bar + Mazagrande Limited Edition

I really enjoyed this climb. It felt like I would climb into the sky, amazing!

Submitted by: Melina Wassertheurer

10th place, 243 votes

Prize: Black Diamond Moji Color Lantern + Climbon Ceder Lotion Bar + Mazagrande Limited Edition

The team and I reached the summit of The Devil's Tower one summer afternoon and found two older men chilling. One of them spoke kind words yet cursed like no Canadian I have ever met and took our photo while the other gentleman stood quietly. Later on at the belay station, I took a closer look at the quiet gentleman, everything about him was old school cool. Little to no tape rapping, gear consisted mainly of nuts, Kiwi coil only, no stopper knots or prusik, and not a care in the world as he moved from one rock to the next while only inches from falling off the edge. He reminded me of those old mountaineering legends we grew up looking at in great adventure books. I had to get his photo. I sat and waited, I didn't want to miss my shot. He leapt from one rock to the next, rested on the edge, and turned his head ever so slightly to me. That's when I snapped the image you see before you. Out of all my adventures in the climbing world, I have yet to meet a more vintage climber than this man who's gave his name with only a grunt...I still have no clue who he is but he did show me that climbing is an ageless sport.

Submitted by: Anthony Laurienti

11th place, 235 votes

This photo was taken on the island of Gran Canarian, in Tejeda. It was very difficult to take it, there were many clouds. But we finally managed to take the photo with Teide behind, the highest peak in Spain

Submitted by: Diego Robles

12th place, 197 votes

This photo was taken in a climbing meet up, the only one made in years, just before the covid situation got to Chile (my home country) and to me, it represents one of the most core qualities of climbing, may it be, bouldering, sport climbing or trad...comradery, companionship, teamwork, just being around people, really climbing motivated people at that...if one falls, everyone gives them energy for the next try, if someone sends, we cheer! like we all sent.

Climbing has that amazing characteristic, it doesn't matter who we are, where are we are from, or what you climb, if you want to, we climb together, cause it's a passion that links us past everything physical.

Chile is blessed with awesome geography for outdoor sports and climbing, we go from dessert planes, to rain forest, to valleys, to mountains, even to antarctica...we have awesome bouldering coastlines (like the one in the photo, which is only one, of the four or five climbing spots that are no further away than 30 min from the main city) with endless potential, yet climbing has only been in my region for maybe! 10 or 15 years...the stronger generations are only starting now, and the canvas for climbing seems infinite...and i'd like to see that canvas painted, with people from all over the world, every corner...i think it would be worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this AO Team!

PD: Congrats on your sends in Valle de los Cóndores Adam. "

Submitted by: Marco Lamas

13th place, 159 votes

Just the beautiful orange rock in Waterval Boven, RSA.

Submitted by: Chris Cosser

14th place, 148 votes

My second takes a no-hands rest after I got revenge on my nightmare climb.

I tried this climb a couple years ago. It started badly with the wind sacrificing my mum's wicker basket to the sea by blowing it off the cliff. I abseiled down with a hour or so of sunlight left.

The climb was going well until I had just sent the crux, around half way up, and all but my last piece of gear had fallen out. I was also out of small gear, so couldn't place any new pieces. To make matters worse, getting to this point had taken a lot longer than expected and the sun was currently setting.

So, in the dark I had to slowly down climb the crux with the risk that, if I fell, my last piece of gear might not hold and, even I it held, I might still pendulum into the floor on this 20 degree route.

Thankfully I managed to get down safely, but still had to scramble up an easier route in the dark with no light and soggy shoes.

I came back recently to get revenge. This time I came early and with a surplus of small gear. It's safe to say I was very happy to send this route and to overcome my fear of it.

Submitted by: Josh Carter

15th place, 134 votes

Západ slnka na portaledge, pri pokuse o voľný prelez našej cesty Forever Young 7c+ v severnej stene Cima Grande. Na fotke Martin Varga a Dušan Beránek. / Sunset on a portaledge, during an attempt to free climb our route Forever Young 7c+ in the northern wall of Cima Grande. Martin Varga and Dušan Beránek in the picture.

Submitted by: Martin Varga

16th place, 130 votes

It was all a childhood dream since I saw this rock needle for the first time. But it never occurred to me that one day I will be able to actually climb on it. What a great memories of spectacular trad climb, beautiful nature of Slovakia and friends... Ahoj!

Ihla v Patrii, High Tatras Slovakia, October 2018"

Submitted by: Michal Sukenik

17th place, 111 votes

Thats me climbing the Aiguilles d'Entrees ridge in the Mont Blanc Massif this summer. Very beautiful climb at 3600m, with one of the most stunning views I have ever had.

Submitted by: Christian Klehr

18th place, 98 votes

Taken atop a desert tower in Moab, Utah, this picture shows the incredible vantage point the tower “Ancient Art” has to offer.

Submitted by: Alex Fischer

19th place, 94 votes

Playing in the desert

Submitted by: Layton Blankenship

20th place, 81 votes

Photo from bouldering competition,funny slab problem the hardest thing was to top the boulder, that is what I remember the most :D

Submitted by: Konrad Grudzień