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Adam Ondra and Garda Trentino: a love story

There is a long tradition of climbing in Arco and in Garda Trentino. It is on this rock that seasoned athletes such as Manolo and new stars like Stefano Ghisolfi have made and continue to write climbing history. Here they are in the perfect place to indulge their passion. And then there is Adam Ondra, who merits a place apart among all the champions. Since 2016 Ondra is the Garda Trentino Climbing Ambassador, but he has been frequenting this area since he was a child, appreciating the countless opportunities for climbing lovers. To Adam, Garda Trentino represents the real  "climbing paradise".

He has always loved the crags and lifestyle which characterise this area: Climbing in Garda Trentino in the summer is a fantastic blend of summer and holiday. fun. The lake has a seaside atmosphere, you can climb in the shade on spectacular mountains and have a dip in the cool clear waters to cool down. When I get up early, I love to go climbing on the crags in Garda Trentino. Terra Promessa is my favourite in the morning because it’s in the shade. And in the afternoon… I just kick back and relax.

Climbing was in fact born here. For this reason, it is worth mentioning the world-famous international event called Rock Master, which takes place in Arco and where Adam Ondra has won many times in the last few years. Adam Ondra is not only an athlete, he is also a great estimator of relaxation and good food, and this area is the ultimate destination for him to spend a perfect holiday: beside climbing, enjoying both nature and cuisine to restore body and soul after the climbing strain! Here, expert climbers like Adam, but also kids and every kind of enthusiasts can find their ideal haunt!

He also opened the first Garda Trentino 9b route, the Queen Line, together with Stefano Ghisolfi – another champion who has chosen Arco as his house and practice cliff.

Nowadays, I travel around the world, but I really like to come back here, on Lake Garda, where I came to climb when I was a kid and where I have had great satisfaction for my career. In the last twenty years, things have changed a lot. I remember that, at the end of the Nineties, Massone was amazing, one of the few overhanging cliffs which offered extremely though and athletic moves.

Now things have changed: in the Sarca Valley there are a lot of new practice cliffs, as the one in Padaro, where it is possible to find easy levels, but also very difficult and high-level routes, like 9a or even higher. The style is also different, now people look for more modern and physical routes, favouring more spectacular transitions on tubes or stalactites to the classical progression. In Garda Trentino you can find all this stuff, that’s why it is the real “Home of climbing”.

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