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Crafting the Beta

Day 4 on Perfecto Mundo. I wanted to finally make the link from the 5th bolt all the way to the top. Conditions were far from perfect, but still a little better than on Day 3. Nevertheless, the crux move feels hard if you link a lot of climbing before and it kept spitting me off. Besides that, I was trying hard to find some better sequences and I found one that helps me to eliminate some moves and Jorge Diaz Rullo recommended a new kneebar that feels very uncomfortable, but it gives me hope that if I practice it more, I might improve.

Drzime palce a sledujeme. Urcite to das. Hlavne si uzivaj lezenie. Aaa videa su uzasne. cely team ste TOP

hello adamo congratulations for everything, you are a great champion I love what you do I am a big fan of yours and when I see you competing or tackling really difficult mountain pitches I get chills just seeing you. you give me the strength and courage to make my dreams and goals come true. I'd really like to meet you, good luck with everything !!

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