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Heading to Tokyo with a special lucky charm

So I'm on my way to Tokyo, where I'll soon be measuring my skills with other great climbers from all over the world in bouldering, lead and speed climbing at the same time. I feel absolutely ready and looking forward to getting to the village.

I and my team, Petr Klofáč - the head coach, and Pavel Vích - my physiotherapist, have chosen a more intimate departure style. Without long time delays, without too many interviews, photos, and videos for media. Special thanks to my fiancée Iva, who accompanied me to Václav Havel Airport in Prague. She is a great support to me. Thanks also to my wolf pack, who were as usual where they should be. Close to me. They even gave me a cool lucky charm - a cute Japanese cat statuette, which might bring me some luck. Even signed by all the people from my team. You can see it in the photo gallery.

I will try to overcome a possible jet lag thanks to Pavel's special care, and I will also try to reprimand coach Petr a bit. He said that the interview for our filmmaker Laco at the airport, which was about 1 sentence long, had been the first and the last one he would give during the whole upcoming competition. So we'll see.

Adam, all to best for you in Tokyo. Go for Gold :-)

Wishing you all the luck in the world next week! Hopefully you won't need it ;) I'll be cheering for you all the way!

Good luck master!

Good luck Adam! We’re cheering for you here in the UK!

My 3 children, my wife, and I are rooting for you in Indonesia. Go for it, Adam!

wishing you all the best!

I have all the confidence in you! You are the best!

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