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Wolf Pack

As much as is happening in front of the camera, there is at least the same amount of stuff being done behind it. All the filmmaking, postproduction, setting up the ropes, logistics… simple things like driving or cooking for the team. We try to stay small. So we are fast, travel light, minimise the number of people surrounding Adam all the time. Most importantly - so we have the best people we can get. For the story we want to tell.

For the Perfecto Mundo there is five of us here in Margalef, one back at home. Each of us has some responsibilities but as it goes in small teams, at any given time, we all just do what needs to be done. Well, there might be some exceptions like nobody would probably make me to cook. But I’ll happily do the dishes! Anyway. Here is our wolf pack. As we like to call ourselves.

Katka. On daily bases she is responsible for Adam’s schedule and communicating with the media. Here, she is probably the most cherished person on the team as she does all the cooking for us! Every single day, even all breakfasts or snacks at the crag (chocolates included). But don’t be fooled, man she is tough! Even though still a bit new to all the intricacies of rope setting, she can get the job done! No fear, never stopping, always super eager to learn new stuff. And on top of that an ultra runner, bouldering nut, any dog you could find lover.

Petr. Being the newest addition to our group, he fits in like he would be with us from the very beginning. Taking photographs from young age, coming to us from shooting performances in theatres. For some probably strange transition, but for us - the best guy to capture the moment. And even better at telling jokes and making sure we keep having fun!

Adam (Ligo). The man of many surprises! Starting with us as an editor (remember the Road to Tokyo series?) he is now stepping up the game as a camera man as well. And it ain’t and easy job. You could be a great photographer or filmmaker, but to get the shots hanging from the ropes, believe me, that’s a completely different animal. You not only need to have the ba… nerves to hang in there, but you got to get the shot. And in many cases, it’s nothing less than on-sight for you! Adam - the climber - won’t / can’t give you a second chance.

Jakub. The logistical and any job you could throw at him guru. This company would not make it without him. He is like this lighthouse which is always there and you can count on him. And he is not a climber! You know, these free minded individuals who desert the office any time the gravity is low, the sun is shinning and there is this new scramble screaming to be scaled. Yep, he couldn’t care less and we love it. But I warn you, don’t challenge him over the pint. He can easily outdrink you, your neighbour, any girlfriend you ever had, dude I bet you he would outdrink an elephant if he had to. Not that we would have ever tried it.

Laco. He is our Hollywood mastermind. I mean it. The best film story teller I know. End of the story. Yep. In his free time he loves to travel the seas (no exaggeration here as he holds captains license), read any historic, political, philosophical, etc. book he can get his hands on, a great person to discuss anything from Elon Musk to geo political situation in Middle East. And did I mention he knows how to tell the story? The Perfecto Mundo episodes especially bear his trademark.

Pavel. Well, that’s me. I do the dishes! (pssst… the place we rented has a dishwasher)

Cool! Best climbing footage in the industry by far! Keep on the good work:)

Thank you sir!

Fantastic team

Your guys shots are bigger than you think. In a couple decades people will look back and through them see the evolution of this amazing sport.
And you were the pioneers who recorded it all!


Great footage, but I have to say it's a bit disappointing that the only woman in the team is the one who does all the cooking : / !

It wasn't that strict - like Ligo (Adam) did some great cooking as well. And you know, nobody was saying you have to do this or that because you are woman or man :-) We are team, friends, we all do what's needed, when it is needed.

Amazing pics and moments you create! It's always a big pleasure to watch the episodes.

Really really cool to get a behind the scenes look at the crew or "wolf pack" that make this all possible. I would've never guess it was only a small team of 5 and I'm sure Adam really appreciates how low key you keep it.

Great article! And great to meet the team. The pruduction value of the videos is really mind-blowing.

Btw I have one wish. The pictures never have a caption that would say who it is or what is happening there. Please if it's not too much work, add a short description :).

Oh and great job with changing the gallery, now it's so much easier to go through the pictures.

It's not much work to program it. Harder to have the time to write the descriptions :-)

Thank you for nice comment!

great work, great quality, I love that it puts subtitles on the videos.

Thanks Pavel & Rest of team,

I'm looking forward to new episodes all the time. Readings answers and comments from Blazek below episodes and even on places like Reddit adds a new and very nice dimension to following's your teams progress and difficulties.

Rooting for you,


Thank you very much Daan. We (the whole team) are trying to do our best.

The team is doing an amazing job. It's so nice to be able to follow Adam with your high quality videos.

Love from France.

I was going to suggest on YouTube there be a break in the climbing action to show the team, what you do, the rope rigging, talk about the storytelling, camera work, etc. I know the focus is Adam, but with so many Perfect World episodes it seems in order. Glad to have found the link to here! Keep up the great work!

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