Created by: Adam Ondra

There was a conflict inside me. I love rock climbing, but I love challenges. How much will I be able to sacrifice for the challenge? How will I convince myself to do a discipline I do not enjoy doing? Enjoyment plays a massive rolw in climbing, in my opinion. Often, if I am asked what my most significant gift for climbing is, I answer the fact that I enjoy climbing as much as I do. Initially, I hadn't thought I would be able to sacrifice that much, no matter how much I was attracted by the idea of competing at the Olympics. Is it still going to be me if I spend most of my time training in the gym and keep training speed? And if I won't be myself, will I still be a good climber? Those are difficult questions I am not really able to answer, not even today.

If there wasn't the Olympics? Probably, I wouldn't be competing anymore. But the Olympics, for the first time ever, was a huge source of motivation.

Expect a hell of a ride!

Follow 2 years of the inner journey towards my big Olympic dream in the new 4 videos series. Effort, drill, thoughts. BEYOND FOCUS. Check out the full story and watch the brand new movie.

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