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New series about 2 years of inner journey onto the Olympic stage


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AO Book

Get to know climber Adam Ondra. Enjoy his thoughts and photos in the AO Photo Book full of nature, hard work, and emotions.

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Adam started climbing when he was about three years old, and his talent became evident very soon. In 2001 (at age 8), he onsighted his first 7b+ (5.12c). Onsight of his first 7c+ (5.13a) and redpoint of 8a (5.13b) came a year later. Over the past 25 years, he has achieved a number of worldwide milestones, including the first ascent Silence 9c (5.15d) and won a number of lead and boulder sport climbing competitions. He won his first gold medal in the lead Climbing World Cup and first silver medal in lead Climbing World Championships in 2009 (at age 16), both in the adult's category.


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AO Talks

Let's listen to Adam talking about rock climbing, competetions and climbing lifestyle with fellow climbers in the AO Talks video format.
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Road to Tokyo

A Czech professional rock climber, specializing in lead climbing and bouldering. Described in 2013 as a prodigy and the leading climber of his generation.
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Perfecto Mundo

Perfect route, perfect time, perfect place perfectly fine to say nothing else...
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