New climbing stuff on my AO eshop! Signed Silence 9c t-shirts, sweatshirts, chalk bags and more

Created by: Adam Ondra

We have great news for all climbing enthusiasts! Silence 9c is a very unique route, and in my opinion, it deserves this special t-shirt and sweatshirt. Just like Silence, it might be a little crazy, but I mean, we are climbers, and we are all a little freaky, right? Enjoy the new sweatshirts and t-shirts by Mammut with my signature on my AO with starting discounts, as well as my AO Photo Book, posters, photographs, cool signed brushes, and chalk bags I like to use the most.

Cool pics in the gallery by Petr Chodura. Also, thanks to our models Gabriela Vráblíková and Honza Nováček.

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