New signed posters, postcards and AO Photo Book by Adam Ondra with 20% summer discount

Created by: Adam Ondra

I usually sign my posters, AO Photo books, postcards, photos, but also t-shirts, chalk bags or brushes wherever possible. Most often at home, but also in the climbing gym, before training, after training sessions, in the studio or even in my car :-)

On my AO e-shop, there is a summer 20% discount on all brand-new posters, postcards and AO Photo Books, and one thing is sure. Each piece is a little bit of a mysterious original. You never know where I just signed it!

PS: You asked us a lot about Mammut's signed t-shirts, chalk bags and brushes. We can reveal that I'm just in the middle of signing everything and that all will appear on my e-shop very soon.

Pics in gallery by Petr Chodura

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