Out of This Hell

Created by: Adam Ondra

Humidity turned Margalef into humid hell, and that was why it was a good idea to escape and visit Patxi Usobiaga who lives in Alt Urgel in Oliana. It was refreshing to meet him again, have a chance to train really hard, and also check out a new crag I have never been to before and that Patxi Usobiga has been developing. Alt Urgel has a lot of potential for climbing, many foreigners have visited Oliana as the most famous crag, but there is much more to be explored.

Patxi also talks about his effort to build the local climbing community in this valley and make the local kids start climbing through his recently opened gym The Temple in Col de Nargo.

Usain Bolter is the project that I tried that day and I wasn't able to finish. But hands down, it is one of the best pitches I have ever tried.

Note: These episodes are a little behind in time, at the moment, the conditions are pretty good in Margalef.

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