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Campus Board

It's a dream of every climber. No, I'm not talking about a campus board. I'm talking about the fact that every climber would like to rock climb as long as possible, and at the same time maintain their fitness. That's why our team built a campus board for Adam, which he can use for getting some raw strength and power endurance back. When you repeatedly train and dial just one route, then the route is getting easier and easier for you, so you're using less and less strength to climb it. Campus board training is, on the contrary, so straightforward and physical that you won't lose power that easily if you choose the right tactics.

If your project is about endurance, it's easy to lose maximum power. In that case, it's enough for you to do 1-2 moves with your maximum effort when you're fresh, with breaks that are long enough, and you will get your maximum power back quite fast. You can use a campus board even if you are a little bit tired - to train power endurance, for instance, when the number of moves is considerably higher, but the moves are easier.

It's a small, but significant jigsaw piece in the whole picture of the project.

Thank you for supplying us the rungs! They came with AO name on them! Nice touch! :-)

Campus board drawings: download (13kb)

Dear Adam's staff,

Do you have a video that films the construction of that "portable" campus board?

It would be actually an interesting thing to watch and I reckon many climbers will appreciate it :)

Best wishes,


Yes we do - it will be published once we are done with the Perfecto Mundo episodes

Yeah, that would be awesome, I agree with Matteo :)

Please post a video of construction, many of us would love a portable campus design!


It's coming. Some backstage clips as well :-)

Hi! This is great. How wide are the stands used? The blueprint didn't really specify dimensions.

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