BEYOND FOCUS 2/4 | The biggest challenge

Created by: Adam Ondra

A trip to Tokyo one year before the Olympics was an enriching experience for me. I found out that the climate - humidity and high temperature, will going to be his serious enemy. But the biggest challenge will be speed climbing. I've been practising lead and bouldering for as long as I can remember. But I've never really practised or been interested in speed. Yes, I was doubting myself how much I'd be able to commit to speed climbing. I chose to go for the first Olympic Games, but I didn't choose speed climbing. And I turned out not to be very talented for it. But overall, it's part of the challenge!

So, the aura of the Olympic Games finally made the effect that I really got 100% motivation for the Olympics!

Expect a hell of a ride!

Follow 2 years of the inner journey towards my big Olympic dream in the new 4 videos series. Effort, drill, thoughts. BEYOND FOCUS. Check out the full story and watch the brand new movie.

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