Drama to Get the Gold on European Boulder Cup

Created by: Adam Ondra

Here comes the video from the recent European cup in Boulder in Prague! Check out the semifinal and final round of this special comp in front of the excellent home crowd.

Held head together

There was quite a bit of drama on the very last boulder problem when I had to top in 3 attempts to secure the victory. Based on what I heard from the isolation, I knew it was a problem that was topped numerous times, so I was pretty relaxed going for it as I also thought that a mere zone would be enough for the victory. I flashed the problem into the zone hold, made a no-hand rest in the kneebar, but then fell in the last move. It was not really underestimation. I simply found that move pretty hard. Luckily, I held my head together on the second try and executed everything perfectly.

Check out the new video on my AO YouTube channel

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