Enjoy 2 new designs of T-shirts and special Christmas offer by Adam Ondra

Created by: Adam Ondra

Dear climbers and fans,
what a piece of news! We just released 2 new designs of T-shirts and one special Xmas combo on my e-shop.
Grab a T-shirt with the epic climb inside the giant abyss Macocha with spiders and bats, or a pretty cool Dawn Wall T-shirt capturing the crux move, Camp 4, Midnight Lightning, a bear and Half Dome. We are also working on Silence t-shirt supplies for the beginning of the next year because these disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for any climber? Enjoy a limited package combining the freshly signed themed T-shirts and my AO Photo Book full of pure nature, hard work and emotions at an all-time best price.

What would you want more? ❤️

Just be quick. The number of new products and packages is limited, and shipping sometimes takes a bit longer.

Pics by Petr Chodura.

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