Exploring the village and recharging the batteries

Created by: Pavel Blažek

Adam has successfully arrived in Tokyo and he is already acclimatising with the other athletes in the Olympic village. Probably thanks to Pavel's (Adam's physiotherapist) recovery techniques, Adam says he feels "suspiciously good" and it seems like he left the jet leg on the plane this time.

The village is huge! You have to use the buses to get around. The area is actually so large that it is impossible to walk through it in one day. So more discoveries probably await for our trio. One of them already discovered is a two-storey "food court" style canteen for the athletes. Everybody can enjoy specialities from around the world. It's all-you-can-eat style except for the cash registers, which are missing :). Throughout the village is this nice and calm atmosfere not disturbed by any draconian or demanding rules. Everybody here is in relaxed, maybe a bit concentrated but for sure a sporting spirit.

On funny note, on an entry to the village Petr had a bit of trouble with his accreditation. The rumor is the organisers thought he was way too fit to be a coach and probably was another competitor.

Both Pavel and Petr praise the conditions in Tokyo. So far no ussual Tokyo summer heat, but suprisingly pleasant temperatures. And more importantly, the humidity seems to be within the normal limits.

Before today's dinner, Adam couldn't resist anymore, chalked up his hands and stretched his fingers on his small hangboard a bit. His first training session starts tomorrow when he will be allowed to train on the "warm-up walls" under the supervision of his coach.

During the comps, he will face boulders and routes prepared by one of the best route setters like Adam Pustelnik from Poland, Manuel Hassler from Switzerland or Honza Zbranek from Czech Republic.

The men's qualification will start on Tuesday, August 3 at 10:00 CET. So don't forget to watch and cheer up whoever you are supporting. All the compeeting aside, this is huge - for the first time in history, the sport climbing is part of the Olympics!!

Disclaimer: During the Olympic games Adam will be solely focusing on his physical and mental preparations for the finals. Therefore all the Tokyo Echoes news are brouth to you by his team members. Thank you very much for understanding.

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