Hardest Route in Italy and my best achievement this year

Created by: Adam Ondra

Even though the crag is called Terra Promessa (Promised Land), I hadn't thought that it would once host Arco's and Italy's hardest route! We worked on the route for a few days in the autumn with Stefano Ghisolfi . Eventually, I felt I was quite close to sending, but despite this winter being extremely dry, this crag is not exactly winter crag and the crucial tufa kept seeping. The route dried up in March and after a few days of work, I did the first free no-fall ascent through "Wonderland", some of my proudest first ascents!

Regarding the grade, I know it is considerably harder than most of the 9b's, but if it really breaks into the 9b+ barrier, it is really difficult to know...

Check out the new story from Wonderland 9b/9b+! Let me know in the comments how you like this route and my top achievement this year (so far).

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