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Journey of AO

Take a look at Adam's journey through important milestones, routes, amazing places, and competitions around the world.

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Routes 9a / 5.14d or harder

In words

At the age of 28, he has climbed more 9a-and-harder routes than anyone else (at least 142 routes rated 5.14d or harder), including the world's hardest and the only 9c (5.15d), Silence. Adam has onsighted three 5.14d’s and flashed two. And last but not least, he became a multiple World Championship medalist in Lead and Bouldering sport climbing.

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In years




First tries in Misja Pec, Slovenia


Redpoints 8a Funky Shit in Paklenica, Croatia.


Ot age 10, onsights 8a route.


Onsights 8a+ route and redpoints 8c Mascherina in Italy.


Onsights 8b.


At age 13, climbs his first 9a - Martin Krpan in Misja Pec, Slovenia.


Makes the first ascent of Perla východu (9a, 5.14d) in Holštejn, Moravský Kras, the Czech Republic.


Makes the first free ascent of WoGu (8c multi-pitch) in Ratikon, Switzerland. The name is a homage to Wolfgang Gullich. He also redpoints Action Directe (9a) and onsights Hotel Supramonte (8b multi-pitch) in Sardinia.


At age 16, competes as an adult for the first time in Lead World Cup. Wins overall, beating Patxi Usobiaga and Sachi Amma. He also takes a silver medal from the Lead World Championships the same year.


Wins Bouldering World Cup, beating Kilian Fischhuber, and gets a bronze medal from Lead World Cup.


Becomes the second person, after Patxi Usobiaga, to onsight 8c+ Kidetasunaren balio erantsia in Etxauri, Spain. Goes on to onsight five more 8c+ routes within a month, two of which occur in one day. He makes the first ascents of La Capella (9b) in Siurana, Spain; La Planta de Shiva (9b) in Villanueva del Rosario, Spain; and Terranova (8C+, V16) in the Czech Republic. He also makes the second ascents of Gioia (8C+, V16) in Varazze, Italy; and Chilam Bilam (9a+) in Villanueva del Rosario, Spain.

Gets 2 medals from Climbing World Championships - silver from Bouldering and bronze from Lead Climbing


Makes the first ascent of Change, Flatanger, Norway. World’s first 9b+. He also onsights Pure Imagination and Golden Ticket, the two hardest routes in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Downgrades both.

Gets a bronze medal from Bouldering World Championships


After nine weeks of cumulative work, redpoints and makes the first ascent of La Dura Dura in Oliana, Spain; climbs the world’s second 9b+; and makes the first ascents of Vasil Vasil (9b+) in Sloup, the Czech Republic; Move (9b) in Flatanger, Norway; and Iron Curtain (9b) in Flatanger, Norway.


Onsights Il Domani (9a), making potentially the world’s first true 9a onsight.

Becomes the World Champion in both bouldering and lead climbing, becoming the only person ever to win both disciplines in a single year. On top of that, he finishes third overall in the Lead World Cup season.


Makes the first ascent of C.R.S. (9b) in Mollans sure, Ouvèze, France.

Gets 2 medals from World Cups - gold from lead climbing and bronze from bouldering


In 2016 showed up in the Yosemite Valley and waltzed his way up the runout Dawn Wall (9a, 5.14d) El Capitan for its whirlwind second ascent. He finishes the route in eight days, leading every pitch.

Wins gols medal in Lead World Championship and places second in bouldering.


Makes the first ascent of Silence (9c), Flatanger, Norway. World’s first 9c. He also makes the first ascents of One Slap - Queen Line (9b, 5.15b) in Arco, Italy; and Mamichula (9b) in Oliana, Spain.


Flashes Super Crackinette (9a+, 5.15a) in Saint-Léger Du Ventoux, France. He also climbs La Castagne (9a+, 5.15a) in Avignon - St Léger, France and makes the first ascents of Disbelief (9b, 5.15b) in Acephale, Calgary; High Line (9a+, 5.15a) in Kanjon Tijesno, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Sacrifice (9a+, 5.15a) in Echo Canyon, Nevada, USA; Stone Butterfly (9a+, 5.15a) in Herculane, Romania; and Eagle-4 (9b, 5.15b) in Avignon - St Léger, France, where he has been falling for many days, thinking this is no 9a+(5.15a). In the end, he hesitantly proposes 9b.

Takes silver from Lead World Championships


Climbs Neanderthal (9b, 5.15b) in Barcelona, Santa Linya, Spain; Qui (9a+, 5.15a) in Innsbruck, Geisterschmiedwand, Austria; and Catxasa (9a+, 5.15a) in Barcelona, Santa Linya, Spain.

Wins 3 gold medals from lead climbing in one season, 1 silver from bouldering. Wins Lead World Championships (Hajioji, Japan), wins overall Lead World Cup, wins European Lead Climbing Championships (Edinburgh, UK), places second overall in Bouldering World Cup.


Climbs Bohemian Rhapsody (9a+, 5.15a) in Roviště, the Czech Republic. He also sends Directa Bongada (9a, 5.14d) in Barcelona - Margalef, Catalonia, Spain; Tierra de Nadie (9a, 5.14d) in Juncosa, Catalonia, Spain; La Real Tierra de Nadie (9a, 5.14d) in Juncosa, Catalonia, Spain; Athena Natural (9a, 5.14d) in Arco, Massone, Italy; and makes the first ascent of El Potro (9a, 5.14d) in Barcelona - Margalef, Catalonia, Spain.

Wins 3 gold medals in Lead World Cup, 1 silver in bouldering. Wins Lead World Championship in Hajioji, Japan, wins overall lead World Cup, European lead Climbing Champion (Edinburgh, UK), Second overall in Bouldering World Cup season.