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Onsighting Super-hard Bouldery 9a?

The great thing about partly living in Arco (Italy) this winter was that there are many crags around to go for one-day trips! Covolo is a great crag, an amazing wall with good rock and plenty of routes. I had been there twice already, but Silvio Reffo recently made a new FA of La Musa 9a , and I wanted to check it out and possibly give it a good onsight try. Well, I could not do… Read more


European Championships in Munich 2022 - Photo Gallery Extension

It was a hell of ride. Great comps! Watch the new video and check out extended photo gallery by Petr Chodura.

September 3 / Read more

I was Absolutely Destroyed - European Championships in Munich RECAP

European Championships in Munich was definitely the competition highlight of the season for me! Due to different reasons, I decided to compete…

September 3 / Read more

Boulder & Lead Combined in New Olympic Formula for Paris 2024

A new video is out. This time it is about the Munich and European Championships! It was the first real test of the new Olympic formula for…

September 1 / Read more

Turning Dark Cave into Real Gem!

Some places don't look amazing at first glance. They might be hidden in the woods, they might be dirty, full of cobwebs, and they might…

August 10 / Read more


The Best Boulder Ever Built

South of my hometown Brno, the land is mostly flat without any rock to climb. But once you open your mind and eyes, you can find true hidden gems to climb. The next episode is about this magnificent… Read more


Absolutorium - The best 9a Route in Former Czechoslovakia!

Beckov is a crag, village and a castle in the western part of Slovakia. Even though it is in a different country, it is relatively close to my hometown Brno (less than 2hour drive). Slovakia… Read more

Perfecto Mundo

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Behind the Scenes of Perfecto Mundo

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Final Countdown

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Animal Style

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Road To Tokyo

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Atene Naturale 9a

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Tips for Better Clipping / Sid Lives 8c+

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Hard Choice / Genezis 8b+ On-sight

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Kneebar - The Downgrader / Beginning 9a

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Adam's Workday / Behind the Scenes with a Top Athlete

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