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Seeking adventures, committed to hard work, visions and dreams. All in one never-ending loop together with Mammut and many cool people who make up this great and cult brand. 


I am a perfectionist when it comes to climbing, and friends from Mammut are real perfectionists when it comes to climbing gear. 

I believe the most important thing about climbing gear is that you don't know about it. You don't perceive it or feel it while climbing. When the harness fits so well that I don't feel it, when the rope is so light and smooth that it feels like I am soloing.

Clothes, harnesses, quickdraws, chalk bags or ropes from Mammut all WORK. They are designed to be functional. No bullshit. Just quality. Swiss quality.

Author of the photos: Jan Vogl

strong partnership creates strong stories

By teaming up with Mammut, we can bring great film production to all viewers, spectators, athletes, fans, friends and especially climbers. Check out the videos enjoyed by millions of people all around the world on our YouTube channel and become an AO's Production addict as well!

take a look into my backpack and check out my gear


Neon Gear Pack 

Really comfortable bag with just enough pockets that is just big enough for a regular day at the crag or in the gym.

Trion Spine 75

A huge and comfortable backpack that carries all the sh*t I sometimes carry, including drilling machine, fix ropes etc. 

Crimper Brush

Even though this brush is mainly designed for bouldering and is fairly big, It is the most frequently used brush because I often climb a virgin rock, where you have to clean a lot, and for that, you need a big and durable brush. The only disadvantage is when it comes to pockets.

Sender brush

A lightweight brush that still brushes, really! And it is the one I would bring for hard sends and for pockets.

Mammut Chalk Powder

Always bring enough chalk to the crag!

Slam Pad

Small crashpad that I would often bring, even for sport climbing, if the approach is short.

Crashiano Pad

A bigger pad that is solid enough for highballing. It is big enough to carry the Slam pad still inside. I also appreciate a simple system to attach two Crashiano pads together for transport.

Workhorse Keylock 10times 12 cm

A quickdraw that I would always bring to the crag. Durable quickdraw, very easy to clip and my choice for both hard onsights and redpoints too. Nice to grab while hangdogging.

Author of the photos: Petr Chodura

Workhorse Keylock 2 times 17 cm

I like my quickdraws being short as I can climb them much faster, but sometimes you need longer slings to reduce the rope drag.

Sender Keylock 12 cm

A quickdraw that weighs literally nothing that I bring for some of the onsights for the section where I know that the clipping will be very easy. Considering that it is ultra-lightweight quickdraw, still pretty comfortable to clip. My choice for trad climbing, where the weight is crucial.

Sender harness

A perfect combo between lightweight and comfort? Sender harness, of course!

Crag Chalkbag

Chalkbag that is big enough and has a nice shape for dipping my big hand quickly.

Rope 9.0 - Crag sender dry rope 80m

A cool rope I would bring for regular cragging, when I know I will be working on the moves or not sending my absolute hardest climbs.

Rope 8.6 Alpine Sender Dry 70m

A rope which is light and fast when I want to send!!!

Massone pants or shorts

Great, lightweight and durable pants for any occasion. Almost don't wear any other, climbing or not.

Author of the photos: Petr Chodura


Some routes are important to me, but some routes are even worth printing on the t-shirt or sweatshirt. Pretty happy to see this Mammut collab on Silence in real. Perfect! Are you gonna wear Silence?

Author of the printing: © Mammut