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Sunday was the last day reserved for training before the qualifications on Tuesday. And according to Adam, he almost finally feels like it's during a regular competition. It certainly took a while to get used to the time zone, daily Covid testing, specifics of something so simple like getting around the Olympic village or accepting that the climbers can use the training walls only at specifically allocated times. On the top of it with a few unique features like the speed wall set only half way up. We may only guess that the organizers probably just wanted to keep the crux in the upper half of the speed wall under the wrap so the climbers couldn't figure out the proper beta beforehand - haha.

Anyway, the spray wall is where Adam likes to train the most. Coming up with a gazillion different moves on a few holds. Always trying to come up with something significantly more difficult or should we say interestingly-bizarre (anybody recalls Silence?), than the last time. There were a few set boulder problems as well so he gave it a go and it was great to see other climbers to join in. Jacob Schubert, Alex Megos, Jongwon Chon or Rishat Khaibullin who actually is - for us around Adam - like part of the Czech team. Even though he represents his own country, Kazakhstan. We are just used to seeing him daily training with Adam here in Czech for the last year or two. Even letting him use our secret training little bouldering sauna steam gym we built in our warehouse :)

Inner dragon has been awakened

As for the conditions, it’s fairly ok during the day. One can get used to it after a few days but there is an interesting observation. It gets significantly more humid around 8 PM. Close to 70%! With the main comps taking place at around the same time it will very possibly play a big role. And if you are wondering what mood Adam is in, just check out the last two images in our gallery. With all the excitement, chance to finally fully train, sessioning with fellow climbers, Adam’s inner dragon has been awakened and anything it it’s path suddenly becomes a boulder problem which just can’t be left unchecked for the proper beta, untouched, unchalked… you probably get it by now - yes, we mean in the end unclimbed!

- The men's qualification will start on Tuesday, August 3 at 10:00 CET.
- The men's finals will start on Thursday, August 5 at 10:00 CET.

Disclaimer: During the Olympic games Adam will be solely focusing on his physical and mental preparations for the finals. Therefore all the Tokyo Echoes news are brought to you by his team members. Thank you very much for understanding.

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