The World Cup in Prague was incredible!

Created by: Adam Ondra

The World Cup in Prague was incredible! I am more than happy how it all turned out. Firstly, I am so happy with my climbing. On the one hand, it was a confirmation of how insanely difficult it is to keep up with the new generation on new-school kinds of boulders and every season, it is getting harder and harder, but with the right shape, mindset and a considerable amount of luck I can still be competitive. The pressure was HUGE! The relief of making it into the semifinals was immense, and making the finals was a dream coming true. Finals were about enjoying the lifetime opportunity of climbing in front of the WILD home crowd and that is exactly what I did.

I am also proud of my country and all the people involved in organizing this event. I believe it was just as special as some of the other legendary World Cup stages. I believe that competitors and the teams are leaving Prague and thinking it was an excellent World Cup, not just an average World Cup event.

Thank you, Český horolezecký svaz and Sport Invest. The wall and venue were top-notch, the isolation and warm-up wall were great, the comp was running really smoothly and the feedback is very positive.

Support from the audience was just awesome. Thank you to everyone who came to cheer up for me and my teammates, but also all the other athletes from all over the world.

I am really happy that I could share this with my family and close friends. Even my wife Iva and our son Hugo were there, Hugo was awake, wild and joyful.

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