Woodsters will be one of the most used climbing holds on any spraywall or board

Created by: Adam Ondra

In the last few years, I definitely got into board climbing, using mostly wooden holds for hands, focusing on the extremely physical part of climbing. I find it remarkably useful to gain pure power.

Petr Chodura, EH Woodsters, Hangar, 240611095312

On the other hand, most of the wooden holds on the boards you find worldwide are often quite small and aggressive and on top of that, you have to be pretty strong to use them in the steepness of 45 degrees or more. I really missed nice comfortable edges where I could warm up, experiment to make max-span moves to strengthen my shoulders or where I could climb long endurance circuits. Woodsters by Euroholds are the product I am super proud of and will use much in the future. It's a hold that will be one of the most used on any spraywall or board.

Petr Chodura, EH Woodsters, Hangar, 240611133951

Petr Chodura, EH Woodsters, Hangar, 240611095940

Check out my signature AO proline and grab some Wood(sters) or other climbing here. It's a pleasure to touch and climb on

Photos here and in the gallery below by Petr Chodura

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