Adam Ondra and Stefano Ghisolfi talk

Created by: Adam Ondra

It was a bit weird to talk to Stefano in English, our conversation is usually in Italian. We went back in time marvelling about how we first met and started to attend international competitions. We were actually both born in February 1993, so we were joking that because I am two weeks older I have the advantage of extra training. What do you think is the hardest route Stefano managed to campus (climb without using feet)? What is the hardest route I have climbed blindfolded?

Attraction to climbing competitions

We agreed we both share this urge to compete and to tackle the challenge of climbing in front of a crowd. I enjoyed hearing Stefano’s stories, for example, one of his first days on the rock in Tetto di Sarre, Aosta valley. He thought he would go for a 7a and fell a few moves from the anchor. Later he found out that the 7a was just an intermediate anchor and all the way to the top it was 8a+. So he almost onsighted 8a+.

Satisfaction of bolting and repeating climbing routes

The talk is packed, we went through so many topics. We chatted deeply about the satisfaction of climbing a route we bolted ourselves and then even bigger satisfaction when someone repeats the routes, our love for Arco (Stefano and I, we are both Garda Trentino ambassadors), bolting and climbing Change in Flatanger, future plans and more. Join us, we will be happy.

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