Auction of 8 holds Cast and Signed by Adam Ondra for Ukraine with the Memory of Nations

Created by: Adam Ondra

To help Ukraine and its people suffering from a cruel war, I decided to donate 8 climbing holds to a special auction with the organisation Memory of Nations! This is the first time I have ever cast these unique holds in the headquarter of the Spanish partner company Euroholds. Then I used the holds for the training, signed and packed them all. Now 6 small and 2 large PU, yellow holds are waiting for their new owners. For a home collection, spray wall, climbing museum, climbing centre or just for YOUR own joy!

Climbing Holds in the Online Auction on platform

The holds were donated to the Post Bellum organization in the Czech Republic, which manages the Memory of Nations project. Together with them, we are now organizing an online auction of climbing holds on the platform. Anyone over the age of 18 can join in the worldwide auction from 10 October 2022, when you can put your limits on each from 8 climbing holds. On 17 October 2022, the main auction will take place from 8:00 PM CEST. The auction will be quick, so be prepared very well. Don’t forget to sign up at and get your accounts verified prior to the auction starting. The verification process might take one working day.

What climbing holds are we talking about?

Watch the VIDEO!

  • Small Yellow PU Hold "Kyiv" - Top Hold
  • Big Yellow PU hold "Kharkiv" - Hold 4
  • Small Yellow PU hold "Bucha" - Hold 3
  • Small Yellow PU hold "Luhansk" - Hold 2
  • Big Yellow PU hold "Mariupol" - Start Hold
  • Small Yellow PU hold "Kherson" - Hold 1
  • Small Yellow PU hold "Sevastopol" - Foot Hold Left
  • Small Yellow PU hold "Donetsk" - Foot Hold Right

About the Post Bellum org. and the Memory of Nations project

The non-profit organisation Post Bellum, the manager of the Memory of Nations project, founded a branch in Lviv, Ukraine, at the end of 2019. Shortly before the outbreak of the conflict, their colleagues asked the Memory of Nations for help for the Come Back Alive foundation, which helps to provide the defenders of Ukrainian borders with defensive means. Czech Memory of Nations decided to take action and ask its supporters to deliver raised money to the Ukrainian foundation. During the first two days of this cruel war, the members of the foundation had to evacuate themselves and send an urgent message that they were not able to buy and distribute so much needed vests, helmets, optics, and other materials. They asked the Czech organisation Post Bellum to proceed themselves. An offer that was impossible to refuse. Thanks to public support, they have delivered thousands of bulletproof vests and helmets and tons of medical material to the defenders of Ukraine.

You can also support the fundraiser directly to the bank account:
IBAN: CZ 7601000001236318620207, BIC / SWIFT code: KOMBCZPPXXX).

Thank you for your support and enjoy the auction!

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