Build Your Own Spray Wall with Euroholds and Stokt

Created by: Adam Ondra

A spray wall means freedom! Spray wall is my absolute favourite kind of training tool, and probably 80% of my training time in my life I spent on spraywall! Many years ago, I had no other option, but it is still a very important part of my training! Unfortunately, it is getting more rare to see a good spraywall in commercial gyms. In the new YouTube video with Euroholds, you will get to see how to set your spraywall! I received a great package of holds and volumes from Euroholds, and I have a brand-new 45-degree wall

Which holds to start setting with and which rules to follow? There are many ways to do it, but I will introduce you into my way. Lastly, do you know how to make climbing on spraywall more fun? The Stokt app is an absolute must to share the boulders with others and learn how to climb on other boulders, not only on the boulders set by you. Stokt on your spraywall puts your wall onto the next level of fun, efficiency and psyche!

Let's try the great Stōkt app! From now until January 31st, with every ORDER from Euroholds, you will get a 30% OFF on Stōkt. Are you in on this with me? Watch the full video on my AO YouTube channel and build up your climbing freedom!

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