Brand new chips holds Eclipses by me and EH

Created by: Adam Ondra

We have some serious news for you together with Euroholds! Brand new holds - Eclipses, which I designed, in hard or easy versions, are very simple holds or footholds, but they offer endless potential for use for many years to come. They are great and comfortable handholds to be used mostly on the top of the volumes on steeper terrain.

Just like the Booster family, they were designed to be challenging to hold, but very comfortable and skin-friendly. You should not be discouraged to try your boulder problem or route yet once more! Innovative use of the dual texture, dividing the hold on 70% and 30% of friction and the DUALTEX part, is allowing you to make very mean footholds, making your (and/or your gym customers') footwork more precise!

Check out the Easy or Hard versions, and let's try them all on our home wall or in the public gym, where you going to spend your climbing time. 

I am sure you will be good friends. Do you like them?

Pics in gallery by Petr Chodura

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