I Designed My First Wooden Holds Ever manufactured by EUROHOLDS

Created by: Adam Ondra

New Euroholds shapes designed by me are out, and this time, they are not plastic. They are from my favorite material, wood! They are called Blades and Stacks. It was a cool process of designing these holds and volumes. I am pretty sure that this is just the beginning of wooden holds. There is something special about the wood that PU, PE or fibreglass holds don't have. I think wooden holds have a soul, and you can see and feel nature in them. Next time just plain wood!

Watch the new video on my YouTube channel and check out the new Stacks volumes and Wooden Blades holds designed by me, manufactured by my friends from Euroholds.

Petr Chodura, Euroholds, 231109132357

Let me know in the comments below the video on the YouTube channel how you like the new holds and what you think of the wood. Does it have a soul?

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Check out the photos from Euroholds and Natural Climb gym

Photos in gallery by Petr Chodura

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