Build Your Training Out of Bricks by Adam Ondra & Euroholds

Created by: Adam Ondra

The first holds that I designed and the first day climbing on them! I've had a great playful day with guys Toni and Jesus from Euroholds, route setter Denis Pail and the Bricks at Ha. While I had known the first three before quite well, meeting Bricks in person was great, and we became friends!

I hope you will become friends with them as well here! Just build your training out of bricks!

May the pinch power be with you!

Are you dreaming of having a pinch power of the beast? Then these holds are gold for you! I am sure the sky is the limit for your pinch power! Even though I have to disappoint you. There is no secret power in that golden color. There is no secret recipe inside the texture of the holds that would get into your muscle fibers. But there is still the magic. Golden Bricks let you squeeze them as tight as possible, making every muscle on your bodywork. Climbing on them is super physical, especially when you put them into steep terrain.

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And most importantly, it is a lot of fun. It is only up to you and your imagination how you will use them. Be ready to fight. Be ready to struggle even on the boulders or routes that look easy. But be patient, come back next day, next week, next month. Be stronger and better climber. 

Let's boost your pinch power, use early birds code ADAMONDRA and get 15% OFF on Golden Bricks! And do not forget to watch the brand new movie from Hangár Climbing gym.

Build Your Training Out of Bricks!

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