Directa Bongada 9a

Created by: Adam Ondra

One more little video from Margalef from October/November trip. This time we will go back to the sunny side of Margalef. Towards the end of the trip, I was happy to make the first ascent of Directa Bongada 9a. It links the hard first part of Directa Rodillar and all the hard parts of La Bongada.

I made the first ascent of Directa Rodillar at the beginning of that trip and I proposed 8c+/9a, but in January it was repeated by strong Vojta Trojan who thought it was more of an 8c/c+. Nevertheless, you must make way harder start into the La Bongada 8c+/9a but there is (unfortunately?) big rest in between. Cool route and cool moment during the sunset. Enjoy!

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