Hardest Onsight Climb of 2023 - El Gran Bellanco 8c+/ 9a

Created by: Adam Ondra

The new video featuring the hardest onsight climb of 2023 is here! El Gran Bellanco 8c+/9a is located in Montanejos in Spain, a crag I had never been to before, but I had heard about it a lot. It used to be a very popular crag in the 80s and 90s, and it is cool to have some old-school classics and new-school classics next to each other in sectors like Pilas Alcalinas.

The day was electric and crazy. It started with rather long and tiring travel, arriving late at the crag feeling tired, but the contagious psyche of the local climbers made me climb very well and onsight this incredible route. It is all included in the footage, and I recommend to check it out ✌


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Photos in gallery by Petr Chodura.

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