Manufactured Hold on Perla Východu 9a?

Created by: Adam Ondra

Does anyone else notice the manufactured hold in the first climbing scene in the new video with Will Bosi on my AO YouTube channel? My answer to fan P Tun's question below the video.

Perla Východu is 100% natural

There are quite a few manufactured holds in this sector because some of the routes were developed in the '90s when it was pretty much the norm. Perla východu is 100% natural, but it is not the case of Kostej Nesmrtelny (other 9a that Will repeated), which is an old partly manufactured project from the ’90s. It has a manufactured crimp at the first bolt, where some of the boulder problems finish, e.g. Iceberg (which is otherwise natural). If you want to know more about artificial holds, check my article.

Since 2007 (for the last 15 YEARS), this route has not been repeated! I was super psyched when Will Bosi made the first repetition of Perla Východu 9a in my home crag Moravský kras (Moravian Karst). Watch the new video on my AO YouTube channel and find out more!

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