Maximal nutrition, minimal harm

Created by: Adam Ondra

I have to spend a lot of time in the gym nowadays when preparing for the upcoming competitions, but you all know I prefer to climb outside, in connection with nature. That's why I am more and more interested in sustainability. I am a big supporter of preserving nature, not harming it.

Full of proteins and more sustainable

Long time, I was only a customer of the SENS food. But I liked their sustainable food so much that I became their investor. They have their own cricket farm and produce sustainable cricket protein, which is the same quality as high-end beef, but 2 000 liters less water needed. So with that, they make peanut butter protein bars, gluten-free pasta, chocolate protein shakes… Everything is full of proteins and more sustainable. You don't even see or taste the crickets; everything tastes perfect. In short, Maximal nutrition, minimal harm.

Enjoy limited time 25% discount

I understand it could be something too unusual for some of you, and not everybody will instantly love the idea, but it is something I sincerely believe in, and it works for me! That’s why I got for you a limited time 25% discount until the end of June on all our products. I hope that loads of you will try it from our online shop, and you will hop on this sustainable protein of the future!

Check out more or, use the unique discount code ADAMONDRA25 and let me know how you like it!

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