Physical Torture of Magnus Midtbø & Climbing Challenges

Created by: Adam Ondra

On the last day of Magnus' visit to my home town Brno (the Czech Republic), I was the boss! So I took him to my house, and we set a climbing circuit together. I think it was great teamwork, and stay tuned to find out how we marked the individual holds and footholds! There was no way to avoid talking about the Olympics and make the last day unique and memorable. I took him to some of the most heinous training sessions - climbing and training in the sauna! Blood, sweat, torture and a really lot of fun. To be honest, I suffered a lot as well!

Thanks to Magnus (and his team) for giving his best in every challenge I prepared for him and for all the great effort, fun, and friendly conversations. Respect!

Wondering how the climbing session in the real sauna could be lookalike? Is this a joke? No, it's not a joke. It's real climbing and training torture! So watch the new video the new video on my YouTube channel.

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