Most Climbers Should Train LIKE THIS

Created by: Adam Ondra

Climbing is a powerful sport, but how to get the power you need to climb? There are many different specific ways of training, but there is one which is the most natural. Climbing on the spraywall - overhanging wall full of various holds offering multiple possibilities. That is the kind of training that we were growing up with Magnus Midtbø. And the kind of training that is the most neglected these days.

Check out how we train together with Magnus in Jungle Letňany in Prague on my YouTube channel and get inspired. Add your own boulder on the Stokt app and share that with your friends. 

And don't forget to check out my new HUGE climbing course. It's worth it. You have my word (everything I know about lead climbing).

See you there!

Photos in the gallery by Petr Chodura

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