We reached 500 000+ followers on my AO YouTube channel

Created by: Adam Ondra

Unbelievable! Thanks to the current YouTube video from the sandstone paradise called Adršpach (and 227 other movies), but mostly because of all of you - passionate climbers, stoked fans, and spectators, thanks to our perfect community that you are creating every day; we just reached 500,000+ followers on my AO YouTube channel. 

We have one nice surprise for all of you that we're going to release on October 30th on my YouTube channel as well as on my other socials.

As passionate as I am about climbing and facing climbing challenges, our entire AO's production team - producers, filmmakers, cameramen, photographers, and many other people involved in this climbing pleasure, continue to produce great films from all over the world. For you.

As long as you're enjoying it - we'll keep crushing!

Full squad: Iva Ondra, Laco Korbel, Honza Verner, Jakub Pína, Káťa Kuřátková, Jan Šimánek, Pavel Klement, Jan Vogl, Vojtěch Ličko, Kuba Sobotka, Rikki Beran, Jarka Marčeková, Aneta Vejmolová
and pics in the gallery by Petr Chodura and one from Norway by Sara Grippo.

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