What Do New Tips & Tricks on my YouTube Channel Mean?

Created by: Adam Ondra

Hello, climber!

We've got some great news. Thanks to you, we just reached another great joint milestone. 500k followers on YouTube? Just wow! That deserves a proper gift! For over 1 year, we've been preparing a gift that our brilliant community deserves. So here we are with my AO Tips & Tricks!

Improve your climbing technique, enjoy new perks and watch more bonus climbing content

After so many years of climbing, being obsessed with it, and caring about every single detail, I have a lot of knowledge to share. I have tried everything on my own fingers and body from a practical point of view. I will do my best to share with you Tips & Tricks that will make you not only climb harder but also better and enjoy climbing even more

Apart from that, we have a lot of unpublished footage, and this membership channel will be the perfect way to share it with you climbers. So you can also enjoy commented uncut climbs and bonus episodes. On top of that, you can earn some special perks, discounts on our partner's products, photos, wallpapers, and limited offers on all climbing stuff on my AO e-shop.

And do not worry! We will keep making videos from all over the world, which I will publish on my YouTube channel for free. Tips & Tricks in the new membership section are more of a gift and bonus you can enjoy or cancel at any time. Thanks to your support of my Tips & Tricks, we can still continue making free videos for those who can not afford the membership but want to experience climbing adventures with us.

Watch the first episode of my new Tips & Tricks series called Climb Smart: Boulder Training Efficiency, and join the new membership on my YouTube channel to become CLIMBING FANATIC. Join me and get my advice anywhere and anytime in your pocket

Thank you for taking the time to support and appreciate our work.




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