Boost Your Power to the Limit with Boosters by Adam Ondra

Created by: Adam Ondra

Over the years, I learned that building your finger strength is not necessarily by grabbing the tiniest incut holds but more about the active position of your finger while holding bigger but more slopey crimps.

New BOOSTERS holds, which I designed and produced together with my friends from Euroholds, feature dual-texture surfaces in a unique and easily distinguished design that avoids using the thumb as a pinch. You need to put a lot of pressure with your fingers against the hold and move well with your body so as not to slide down. It is a safer way to work on your finger strength while making your fingers stronger, even for the tiniest incut crimps.

Easy tool for routesetters to tune the difficulty - there is always a slightly better or slightly worse hold available for possible use for fingerboarding.

Enjoy them in two variations EASY and HARD!

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