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Created by: Adam Ondra

I am delighted I can create the future of climbing holds with Euroholds. We are about to see new shapes of holds using modern technology, with more ecological materials. The Euroholds guys have come a really long way in such a short time of climbing holds evolution. They were able to adapt to modern trends just as fast as the style of climbing and the bouldering development around the world is changing. Big volumes, slopers, dual texture holds, fibreglass... Wow! And what about the future? You can look forward to a brand new family of climbing holds created by Euroholds and me.

Check out more epic old-school holds

I think it is gonna be a successful future! Stay tuned. In the meantime, explore more epic old-school holds and climbing walls submitted by our greatest fans on the website and in the photo gallery. Which photo do you think is the coolest? Write it down in the comments. Check out the first bunch of old-school holds, walls and gyms.

And don't forget to watch the new video with Euroholds.

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