First Free Climb of Underground Big Wall

Created by: Adam Ondra

It is often that people are travelling halfway around the world for an adventure, even though there are some epic adventures almost in your backyard. Macocha is this massive hole, an abyss that is 138m deep, in the middle of Moravsky Kras (Czechia, Europe). Deep at the bottom, there is a massive arch that had never been free-climbed. Undoubtedly the longest and steepest wall in the whole country, in the most bizarre location. It is usually climbed within a few days as an aidclimb during special 5-day window every December when it is allowed to climb here upon special permission. Look at the video featuring me climbing a route called Příklepový strop, an adventurous 5-pitch route up to 8b+, full of rusty pegs and bolts and surprisingly excellent climbing.

The overlook of the pitches: 8b+, 8b+, 8a+, 7a and 6c doesn't really make much justice for how adventurous, difficult and unique an experience it was. Poor protection, humidity, cold temperature, wild overhang and a limited number of days you can try it make it something I will never forget.

One of my all-time favorite climbing experiences and one of my favorite videos too!

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