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Adam Ondra, Will Bosi and Pete Whittaker survived Czech Adršpach and tasted some legendary sandstone test-pieces
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First Free Climb of Underground Big Wall
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First Ascent of Zvěřinec (Menagerie) 9b+ (hard) in Moravský kras, Czechia
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Hudy is the oldest dealer of climbing gear in the Czech Republic, which I have been using since I was a kid. I got my first climbing shoes and chalk bag from Hudy. They have the best gear brands and don't sell any crap. The people selling in the stores understand climbing and the outdoors pretty well. And last but not least, climbing legend Jindřich "Hudy" Hudeček is another certain reason why I like Hudy.

New climbing area with more than 200 boulderproblems

I have tried the brand new Hudy Boulder Karlín in Prague. Such a great place! 665 m2 of climbing, 160 cool boulderproblems and even more than 36 boulders for the little ones! The main bouldering wall offers 4 large sectors with 24 smaller sectors of 6-7 boulders each. Find more info on the website and on social media (Facebook and Instagram). So let’s go climb and have fun!

Author of the photos: Hudy

What is inside my backpack?

If you're curious about what gear I usually carry in my climbing bag, I will show it to you in detail right here on Mammut page.

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