This Video Features Everything I Love About Climbing

Created by: Adam Ondra

Montanejos (Spain) is an old climbing area with very diverse climbing experience. You can get schooled by a polished slab, you can have a 50+ meter roof in the cave, or you can even climb an amazing 100-meter face and jump down.

Petr Chodura, Montanejos, Spain, 231111113330_res

This new episode features everything I like about climbing. Being at the crag with just an incredible crew of fanatic local climbers, meeting an old friend of mine, Dani Andrada, being blown away by the potential for a new line in a massive cave, trying hard while to onsight a 9a, getting some air on multi-pitch, taking the biggest fall of my life and a great evening sampling the local cuisine with the nice locals.

All of this in 24 hours. Sometimes days are long but incredibly satisfying. Even though the 9a onsight might have got away. There is much more to climbing than just sending the route. This was just incredible, and thanks to the local climbing community for the support!

Petr Chodura, Montanejos, Spain, 231111185739_res

Note: The first pitch of the multi-pitch was originally bolted in the mid-80s by Craig Smith, who called Have a Giro with grade 7c. It was abandoned since then, probably due to 5 bolts and rather friable kind of rock without any cleaning. Some bolts were added in the first pitch, and the rest of the two pitches were bolted to make a route Have a Vernich with Adam Ondra. But I would say the name for the first pitch (which might be the most popular anyway) remains.`

Watch the new video on my YouTube channel, and let us know how you liked the video in the comments. Would you jump down too? :-)

Photos in gallery by Petr Chodura. 

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