Watch the new movie Lezci (Climbers) at the Expedition Camera festival

Created by: Adam Ondra

Climbers are such a strange species. They like to paint their hands white and brush dust and dirt off the rocks with small brushes. Their natural habitat is under rocks in mountains and hills worldwide, and they are especially fans of limestone or granite. In civilization, they are usually shy and silent. Still, in their preferred habitat, they come alive and often turn into predatory animals that scream at the forest when they get to another hold.


The climbers often spend the night in their tiny houses on wheels, transporting them to new hunting areas where their fingers might hold some of the next fantastic route or boulder. They are not so keen on cleanliness. They are mainly concerned with the cleanliness of the holds and footholds for their next ascent attempt.

Let's take a trip from the first of March (in Czech and Slovak cinemas) during the Expedition Camera Festival into their unique world to see one family of pure-blooded, true climbers like Pepa Šindel. You may find out you have much in common with this amazing species.


This year's Expedition Camera festival partner is also my personal, long-time buddy Mixit.

So, see you at the cinema.

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