Mastering the Impossible: Conquering Challenging Boulders

Created by: Adam Ondra

Today, I bring you valuable insights on tackling a challenging boulder that pushes the limits of your climbing skills. Hard boulders may initially seem insurmountable, but all it takes is finding the right microbeta – whether it's a slight adjustment in leg positioning or a subtle change in body posture – and the solution begins to unfold.

In the world of bouldering, time is precious, and energy depletes rapidly. That's why it's crucial to gather all available information about your boulder problem. Ideally, watch existing videos and draw inspiration from fellow climbers. Just like in climbing on the wall, practice the challenging segments in isolation, meticulously going through each step before the actual attempt to avoid costly mistakes.

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Be prepared for the possibility that you might get fatigued and not conquer the boulder on that particular day. Don't be disheartened; save it for another day.

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See you there!

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