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Created by: Adam Ondra

Do we, as humans, like to get out of our comfort zone or not? I would say we generally hate it. We want to have the feeling of safety. Stepping out of the boundaries is difficult and requires courage. But that also means stepping out of our boredom and experiencing the real spice of our lives. It takes a lot of effort to make a move, but once you are there, you feel free like never before.

There are different levels of comfort zones. My life is built around climbing, which is an incredibly broad activity. You can climb in an artificial gym. You can climb outdoors. You can climb a one-meter high boulder problem or 1 000 meters wall. Sometimes I get super excited, sometimes I get a little scared. But ultimately, it is so rewarding all the time. And that is the right essence that makes climbing so fascinating for me. Find the little step out of your comfort zone in your life. You do not have to go too far, just a little a bit. It will make you smile. It will make you happy. It will make you feel like being alive in this world. And it is worth it.

Are you interested in my thoughts? Let's explore AO Photo Book with a Christmas 25% off until November 24 2021 (including).

From November 25 to the end of the year 2021, you can buy the AO Photo Book without a discount, but you can choose 1 of 4 themes signed postcards (worth 20 €) for free.

Photos in the AO Photo Book by Bernardo Gimenez and Lukáš Bíba, other photos by Petr Chodura.

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