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Created by: Adam Ondra

Onsight. The first attempt, only one chance. In your whole life. It's now or never. It is a fascinating game that never ceases to surprise me, and it is interesting to turn your mind to one fact. The route is not any different whether you are trying in onsight or on your 10 tries. The holds are not any smaller. The overhang is not any steeper. The only difference is that you don't have the information when you are trying onsight. You don't now know whether the next hold is good or not. All you know is the fact that the route has been done before and is climbable. Except for the situation, you are making the first ascent.

Mother nature didn't see this route to make things comfortable. Mother nature didn't care about me at all. I am just trying to find the weaknesses in her work and get to the top without any mistakes. I am still fascinated by the purity and simplicity of onsighting. It is not about conquering that piece of rock. It is more about trying to be part of its existence.

Wanna read more about my thoughts? Enjoy the Photo Book, full of pure nature, hard work and emotions, will take you on my two years' journey around stunning outdoor areas, calm rock formations, as well as pulsating and vibrant indoor contests. The photos are accompanied by my own texts, where I share thoughts on climbing life, motivation, comfort zone, competitions, climbing etiquette and more.

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