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“Euroholds resembled me in a way.
I am super passionate about my rock climbing, and they are incredibly passionate about doing the products that make sense.”

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In life, we are all climbers!
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It all started in Margalef


I got stuck on the Perfecto Mundo (Spain) project. A trip which was supposed to last no more than two weeks turned into a month and a half long patience tester. I could make all the moves fairly quickly but could not connect them. The days turned into weeks. And as we were in the middle of the pandemic, I could not just get on the plane, fly home, train at my gym, and come back when the conditions improved.

I was just getting weaker and weaker, and the only chance to stay in shape was to get my hands on at least a campus board. So we decided to build one. And at the same time, sent a desperate email to a local manufacturer to ask if they could ship us some rungs as soon as possible.

An order turned into a mutual friendship


In the end, I didn't send the Perfecto Mundo, but the positive vibes and memories of talking to these guys stayed with me. A few months and emails later, I'm back in Spain, this time in Xativa, visiting the Euroholds factory. In the beginning, there was a little talk about a possible collaboration, business, money, and all that usual stuff, but it quickly turned into a very passionate brainstorming about climbing holds. We were like kids dreaming about all the impossible shapes we could create, new high-tech products, and top-notch designs. It was a blast!

After rock climbing for more than 25 years, I think I have already touched quite a lot of holds. And there are definitely some holds that I like from climbing on rock, but I am still missing on the market. Obviously, I can't wait to be part of the process of designing new shapes for Euroholds. And I am more than excited that is gonna happen here, in Spain.

Author of the photos: Petr Chodura

shaping the future


As I said, I have been climbing for almost 25 years, and the climbing holds have changed radically. The history of climbing holds is fascinating, but our greatest interest and focus lies in their futureThat's why I see the mutual collab with Euroholds as an opportunity to combine many years of my experiences, design feeling and climbing creativity with their precise manufacturing and passion for new shapes

I believe that climbing holds, and secondarily, the route setters really make a climbing gym. You cannot really make that many variations when it comes to the wall itself. Various steepness, aretes or dihedrals. But that's it. Actually, holds are what allow you to climb up the walls, and I am really stoked to be part of shaping the future with Euroholds!

build your training out of bricks


Are you dreaming of having a pinch power of the beast?! Then these climbing holds are gold for you! Enjoy the first holds that I designed with Euroholds. There is no secret power in that golden color. There is no secret recipe inside the texture of the holds that would get into your muscle fibers. But there is still the magic. Golden Bricks let you squeeze them as tight as possible, making every muscle on your body work. Climbing on them is super physical, especially when you put them into steep terrain. I am sure the sky is the limit for your pinch power!

It is only up to you and your imagination how you will use them. Be ready to fight. Be ready to struggle even on the boulders or routes that look easy. But be patient. Come back the next day, next week, next month. Be a stronger and better climber. May the pinch power be with you!

Author of the photos: Petr Chodura



Over 80% of my training life is training on the spray wall! Hundreds of holds, thousands of possibilities and the most natural way to get strong and brush up bouldering skills. A spray wall means freedom, so it is my absolute favorite kind of training tool. With the Euroholds climbing holds and Stokt app is the most powerful combination!

Many years ago, I had no other option, but it is still a very important part of my training! Unfortunately, seeing a good spraywall in commercial gyms is getting rarer. In the YouTube video with Euroholds below, you will get to see how to set your spraywall at home or in your favorite climbing centre. 

Author of the photos: Petr Chodura

Boost your power to the limit with boosters


Welcome to the comfortable yet efficient way of crimping, a way of making your fingers stronger! Boosters by Euroholds are edges. But not regular edges. They are designed to be comfortable, yet by no means easy to hold. Do you want to try as hard as you can, making all the effort with your fingers against the hold, yet not suffer too much by bruising your skin with a sharp edge? Boosters are the solution!

Over the years, I learned that building your finger strength is not necessarily by grabbing the tiniest incut holds but more about the active position of your finger while holding bigger but more slopey crimps. This is the result of my experience.

Whether you are a crimp lover or you hate holding tiny holds, you will never escape them in climbing. It is vital to have strong fingers. And everybody can always BOOST their finger strength. BOOSTERS are the best way that I could find. 

Author of the photos: Petr Chodura

Boosters easy - positive crimps

BOOSTERS EASY are comfortable crimps, ranging from slightly incut to very incut holds. The radius of each edge is designed to be the perfect one for it.

Author of the photos: Petr Chodura

Boosters HARD - SLOPEY crimps

BOOSTERS HARD are comfortable crimps, ranging from slightly slopey to seriously slopey small crimps. Every hold is designed in a way that you might let it go because you might not have the power, but not because it would be painful

Author of the photos: Petr Chodura

It's all on the tape


It ain't just the holds we are so excited about but also the possibilities in communicating what we work on. Something which we believe could bring something new into this industry. As with the climbing projects, our intentions are to document every single step of the process. It probably won't ever win us any Oscars, but nevertheless, it's without any doubt a huge part of what makes us tick and really happy. To create!

Expect something, which will make you sweat!


I spent countless hours and days in the gym perfecting my skills and techniques on how to train better, more efficiently, and in such a way to minimize any injuries. I enjoy every bit of it, no matter how excruciatingly tiring the training might sometimes be. It's all part of the never-ending learning process. A wast knowledge I accumulated over the years of my climbing career. Something I wish to share one day with anybody who cares to listen. Be it a hold manufacturer seeking the perfect hold shape, a pro climber working on her or his project, or anybody excited about climbing, no matter the grade





May the pinch power be with you!