Circuit Training: Push Your Technique and Mental Fitness

Created by: Adam Ondra

Training circuits on a spray wall is important if you want to improve your endurance climbing. Even if you have an amazing lead wall available, you still can't get everything you need. You are at the mercy of what the route setters come up with and routes don't change often enough. On a spray wall, you can make up routes to suit your exact needs based on your weaknesses or the project you want to climb. 


The most important thing is to concentrate on the quality of climbing of each circuit. It is not an art to spend a lot of time training and going to practice. The point is that the dedication you have for each circuit or the route you climb on the wall needs to be the same as when you climb the hardest route in your life or as a performance in a competition. By doing this, you are pushing not only your physical fitness to the max but your mental fitness as well. The right psychological setup is important for good training and for performance in the rocks as well as at competitions.

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