Kneebar Mastery by Adam Ondra: Nail Your First Kneebar

Created by: Adam Ondra

Kneebaring is one of the essential climbing skills, and everyone who climbs should practice it and know how to use it. It's a great skill that can take you a long way in climbing for relatively little effort. Especially for climbers with less endurance, a well-found kneebar can make a difference in finishing/climbing a route. 

With kneebaring, the most important thing is to find the right position in which you can turn upside down and completely relax your hands. Achieving this correct position is not too physically demanding, but the sensation in this position may feel unnatural or dangerous to climbers at first. Therefore, I recommend first practising the upside-down turn in a place where you won't be afraid - for example, on an easier route on a climbing wall.

Watch the whole video on my YouTube channel and join me to watch the second part of kneebar mastering and get access to all of my Tips & Tricks + bonus videos

See you there!

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