Adam and Jo Nesbø Enjoy Climbing Together

Created by: Adam Ondra

Climbing has become a fairly big sport, and it is not surprising that even world-famous people in various subjects also climb! I had the pleasure to climb with Jo Nesbø, an excellent Norwegian writer of novels who started climbing only 10 years and in his 60s, he is very close to reaching grade 8a! I took him to a special place close to my hometown, called Pálava (Moravian region, Czechia), where steep limestone cliffs go from the vineyards.

We climbed a multi-pitch route together, which happened to be his first multi-pitch ever which was a big honor for me. Jo is one of those guys that you feel very comfortable with from the first word, and Jo is a great example that you can be a total climbing freak yet still very successful in a completely different career. 

Watch the new video on my YouTube channel. 

Climbing is the best sport, isn't it?

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