Tips & Tricks Episode 1 - Climb Smart: Boulder training efficiency

Created by: Adam Ondra

Watch the first episode of my brand new Tips & Tricks series and improve your bouldering skills. No matter what level you are climbing at, there are a few basic rules that apply to all climbers when training on a bouldering route. The ideal composition of a bouldering session should include 30 minutes of warm-up and 90 minutes of climbing. It is important to try out different profiles and styles that the bouldering area has to offer.

Choose boulders that are just challenging enough so that you won't complete them in one attempt or that you'll struggle with and might not be able to top them at all. Take long breaks, at least five minutes, between each attempt. Never spend too much time on a single boulder problem. Leave what you can't climb for your next visit.

What to remember from the first Tips & Tricks episode?

  • Warm up for 30 minutes, climb for 90 minutes
  • For warm-up, choose a boulder with easy, not scatchy moves
  • Rest for at least 2 minutes in between each try
  • Do not work on just one single boulder problem
  • Choose 5 to 10 boulders to work on
  • Try a variety of different styles of boulder problems
  • Don’t spend too much time at the gym

Let's download my TIPS & TRICKS leaflet for this episode and get my advice anywhere and anytime in your pocket. 

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Let's become a member (CLIMBING FANATIC) in a new section on my YouTube channel. After that, you can watch the second video (and many more coming up), where I teach you how to become a better climber move by move together with Teresa. So watch the first video for free and join me in the new membership section on my YouTube channel to watch more Tips & TricksSee you there!




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